Gain Trust With The Clean Slate PledgeMake Inspections Fast & EasyLink Information To Your AssetsEdit Your Fields From The FieldOrganize Your Things With SlatesSlates Go On Everything, Big Or Small

Gain Trust With The Clean Slate Pledge

Track Employee Health Screenings With The Slate Pages App

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Make Inspections Fast & Easy

Slates Are Perfect For Your Fire Department!

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Link Information To Your Assets

Keep Track Of What Matters To You!

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Edit Your Fields From The Field

Work On The Go With The Slate Pages App

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Organize Your Things With Slates

Too Many Things To Keep Track Of? Put A Slate On It!

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Slates Go On Everything, Big Or Small

When It Comes To Managing Your Assets, Think Big!

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Slate Pages™ App & Slates QR Tags

Linking Assets To Information

Track, Manage, & Inspect Your Assets with Slates QR Tags. Keep Track Of What Matters!

Stop wasting time searching for information about your assets recorded in old notepads, logbooks, spreadsheets, photos, or whatever was convenient at the time! Are you tired of battling with your IT department or a complicated software interface to get reports, update records, & manage any other important relevant information about your assets that should be readily & easily accessible?

Keeping information related to your assets accurate & up-to-date is a challenge. With a Slate & the Slate Pages app you can link important information like serial numbers, important dates, service inspections, locations, usage history, etc. directly to your assets. It is an easy & affordable way to keep track of important information that always seems to get lost or isn’t easily accessible or readily available.

Ok… So what’s a Slate? We take a small aluminum tag or sticker & print a QR code on it. Once the QR code is printed on the aluminum tag, it becomes a Slate! Using the Slate Pages app, scan the Slate and upload the information you want to keep track of on there. That information is saved onto the slate, then automatically copied to the Slates online dashboard where you can then view information, print reports, create schedules, etc.

Slates are tags that connect real “stuff” to digital information. Paired with the Slate Pages app, you will have the capability and flexibility to interact with your things in ways you’ve never considered.

Slates Guarantee Essential Information Is Always At Your Fingertips!

Slates can be updated live at the source with the Slate Pages™ app, and in the cloud simultaneously at, ensuring that information stays with your assets and is always up-to-date & easily accessible.